December 17, 2011

Liese/Prettia Bubble hair dye: milk tea brown

I bought a box of bubble hair dye from Liese/Prettia off of eBay a while ago and it finally arrived today! The whole concept of dying your hair with foam hooked me instantly since it was so different and I gotta say, it worked amazingly well. I chose the colour 'milk tea brown'.

The box shape is a bit weird from being crushed in the mail. I'm really happy with the final result. It's kind of annoying because even though it's a lot different to what I had before, you can't see the difference in any photos ugh. Here's a photo of what was inside the box and a video of how everything works together:

• The foam application was so neat and easy to apply compared to the normal cream dyes
• There was no dripping
• The applicator bottle is easier to squeeze than other dyes I've tried
• The gloves supplied in the box are actually fitted
• There's a significant change in hair colour
• There was more than enough foam to cover my hair

• The fumes from the dye were so strong I almost cried.
• All of the instructions were in Japanese so I had to watch the video a couple of times to make sure that I was doing everything correctly.

It's not worth me uploading any photos of after I washed everything out since it's not noticeable in photos so I'll leave the post here and with everybody a good night ♥ Oh, and here's another video from Juicy!

UPDATE: Here are some before and after photos from when I dyed my hair! The colour showed up so much better a couple of days later.

Before -

After -

The finished result was a really nice medium orange-brown that I was incredibly happy with! Definitely recommend this for anybody who wants a dramatic change in hair colour :)

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Hui said...

What did you use to get your hair colour before?