December 16, 2011

9 days

I know I said that srhtrng would be updated more regularly but minutes turned into hours and hours turned into days. My life's pretty much been a repeat of either work, sleep, eat or sleep, eat, Pretty Little Liars.

1. Melisa bought me some photo frames for Christmas that were black and I decided to paint over them in white. It took two days and five layers for each frame but now they're just on my floor because I realised that I have no clue how to hang them up on my wall.

2. I actually had some time to enjoy to myself out of the house today. I went to see Mission Impossible 4 with a bunch of my friends before having lunch at Bamboo Basket. The food was really nice but the one bill per table thing is so annoying, bah. Adrii somehow managed to flick a piece of sweet and sour chicken into my hair. She's amazing.

3. The chandelier above our table was really nice.

4. Getting ready for Christmas! It's still a while away but I'm excited nonetheless. I was forced to get this ridiculous singlet for work and had the choices of prints that either said 'Santa loves me best' or 'You're on my naughty list'. Oh, Supre. With the annual Christmas layout I usually do, I'll try my best to get one up soon. I'm just worried that it won't turn out very well since I'm just above clueless when it comes to editing on the design option on Blogger.

Hope all of you are well and have a great weekend ♥ Ps/ here's a new video from Juicy and her little sister. You know what to do!

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Melody said...

Oh dear aha!
Did you end up choosing the Supre singlet xP? I'm hoping for "You're on my naughty list" xD