October 1, 2011

MBC semi formal

Oversized button up from Dotti, black slip dress from Supre, red lipstick (cha cha) from Australis Colour Inject.

I really have no idea how Sandra, Linda, Alice and I managed to get ready for our semi formal in less than two hours. I went to Melisa's house yesterday and it took more than three to get everything done but wowie, she looked pretty damn beautiful.

Dress from Princess Polly, heels from Novo, pearl hair piece from Diva.

  • We left at about four to get to her friend's place for their semi pre.
  • I wanted to tag along so that I could help take photos.
  • Melisa decided to drive and wanted me to give her directions.
  • We didn't die. Please be proud of us.
  • Her friend's house was so lovely and I got so jealous that my own pre wasn't as nice.
  • Melisa chucked a tantrum because we realised that she forgot her earrings and bracelets.
  • She calmed down after a few macaroons made by Akina.
  • I left at 6
  • What I've heard since then: They had a really great night full of strip teasing from Jun and shuffle battles from Simon.
Before I finish this post I have the most amazing news in the world. Juicy recently got accepted into Berklee College of Music with a $20,000 scholarship AND she finally got a microphone. Go and show her the love that she deserves guys!

I hope everyone's well and have a good one! ♥


Fern Li said...

You're too pretty *stabs you* 8)
hahahaha~ that shade of red lipstick looks nice on you :D

Everyone looks so nice!

And congratz to Juicy!! =o she has a great voiceeeee!

Anonymous said...

that dress with the bow is soo cute! im a new follower <3. looking forward to more posts

Jodie said...

duisjfsudfh you're beautiful <3 i love the dress *_* DAYUUUM GURL
everyone seem to have had a great time! x) & congrats to juicy <3


Michaela Scalisi said...

you're so pretty :)

My blog
xoxo Michaela

Belle said...

I love how you have the floral back drop in your photos! You're pretty too ((:

I'm a follower