October 19, 2011

Lost in lust

Hello! Sorry it's been so long. School's back and once again, I'm on the verge of curling into a ball every two hours. I have block exams in about three weeks so bare with me til then and also, you'll have to excuse me for the quality of my photos in the upcoming posts. A series of unfortunate events occurred and the battery charger for my dslr is no longer with me. A new one's been ordered and should arrive in about a month!

Anyway, I went to Jihae's 16th birthday last Sunday night with a bunch of girls from school. She is one of the friendliest girls I've ever met. Her personality is so odd it makes me want to just keep her forever and the number of things she has in her school bag could probably keep me entertained for a few good hours.

We went to eat at Beijing House and everything there was perfect. Highly recommended if any of you were wondering! The rest of the night was spent jumping on sofas and serenading at karaoke so there's not really much else to say.

I hope everyone's well and before I go, here's a new cover by Juicy. You know what to do! ♥


Melody said...

Oh nooo, I hope your dslr battery comes soon!! And eek, good luck for your exams! My exams are in ..2 weeks ;___;

Fern Li said...

Happy (belated) birthday to Jihae :D
Mmm the food <3 lol!!
Good luck on your exams and i hope you find your charger ><