September 18, 2011

Yasmin's 16th

Happy 16th Yasmin Trinh!

For her 16th she had this really fun idea for everyone to go as something which started with the first letter of their name. After a few days of deciding and costume hunting, I decided to go as superwoman!

A few of the girls and I went to brunch at West End again yesterday morning before her party. We went to a charming little place called Three Monkeys. I might've already blogged about this a few months ago but I can't remember for sure so I'll just give a quick rundown of the place. From a distance, it's a charming little block of area that looks like it can barely fit 20 people into it. But if you go inside, there's a huge hallway on the left of where you order and that's when your jaw drops from the space and eclectic architecture. If you guys go, you MUST get a piece of cake.

After brunch we went to the city for a few hours to entertain ourselves with karaoke until about three or so before we made our way to Yasmin's house. Most of the girls got there an hour before the party actually started to do hair and makeup and I have to admit that I did a pretty good job considering the fact that I was helping two or three girls at a time /proud. Here's two photos of my own hair and makeup!

I'm going to be lazy and throw in a heap of photos for the rest of this post. Most of the night was party games and dancing in Yasmin's living room since she had this amazing sound system.

We were playing spin the bottle truth or dare where on the first spin, the person gets to choose truth or dare and the second has to do the truth/dare with the first person. Alice and William had to bear hug for 30 seconds and wow, it was one of the most awkward things I'd seen in my life. Alice ended up running away after a few seconds because someone cracked a joke which I'm pretty sure she kicked them for.

This was another dare from the game where Foonie and Benson had to play out a first date scene. The scenario was that they were watching a scary movie together and ah, the number of people who screamed "GET IN THERE BENSON WOOO" made my cheeks hurt so badly.

Oh yeah, before I forgot, we also played hide and seek in and outside of Yasmin's house. We found most of the people so quickly but then Adrii, Ly and Jason were ridiculously hard to find. 15+ of us opened every single cupboard door, looked under every bush and even climbed onto the roof to check where they were. They ended up just appearing out of no where after 10 minutes. All I know now is that Ly was a cheapskate and locked himself inside a toilet so that no one could get inside anyway asdjkahsdlk.

Thanks so much to Yasmin and her parents for organising and throwing such a fun party!! I hope everyone's well and enjoying their holidays so far.

Contact lenses in this post: Super Nudy Blue

Superwoman costume: From eBay. If anyone's interested, I'm currently selling the costume I wore in this post along with an identical one I bought by accident. The only difference between the two is that the one I wore in this post was about $40 shipped from Australia and the one that I bought by accident was shipped from HK for about $20. Email me at if you're interested!


Anonymous said...

yasmin's costume is so cute!

Ice Pandora said...

Happy birthday to your friend!
The costume theme party is a really good and cute idea ^^
Love your Superwoman outfit, haha ;)
The foods looks great!


Fern Li said...

Awww that idea is really cute!! :D
i wish i could attend more dress up parties D:
everyone looks so cool!

Melody said...

You look gorgeousss <3!
and so do your eyes *___* majorly love for thattt <3!

BlueSoul said...

Oh my gosh. ^_^ you are so pretty :) I Love your costumes.