September 11, 2011

Long time no talk

Top from Ally. Blazer from Supre.

I've finally gotten all of my assignments and tests out of the way! Here's a bunch of stuff that's happened in the last few weeks.

1. I found some photos of the Queen Street Supre team that were taken a few months ago at a group meeting. I only see a handful of these people once or twice a week but we all get along so well and they make me laugh so much when they spontaneously dance around the store to make other co-workers laugh when they're serving customers.

2. My seamonkeys are going surprisingly well. There's three pairs of them mating at the moment but I haven't seen any babies yet!

3. I went to Riverfire with Melisa, Khang, Ly, Simon and a bunch of others.

The first five minutes of the fireworks were disappointing and then out of no where BAM lasers. They were probably the best part of the night. Everyone would flinch and cry out every few minutes because they'd get hit in the eye by one of the lights /amused.

4. Linda celebrated her 16th birthday last week. Adrii and I split to get her a gorgeous pair of peep toe boots that I really want to get for myself now.

5. Sophia took Sandra, Alice and I to the Kerith Brook Cafe for brunch and wow, it was possibly one of the cutest little places I'd ever eaten at. The owner was so nice and said hi and bye to every one of his customers /love. By the way, Sophia is the worst person to bus with into an area you haven't been to before. We were all relying on her to lead us to the place and she made the bus driver stop at THREE wrong stops until we got off.

Alice and I pretty much shopped for the rest of the day. I got a $10 pink summer dress and a $20 cropped leopard print blazer/jacket whilst witnessing Alice break down from seeing her savings drop down to two digits. I went with a bunch of people to Moon Fest at night as well but there's not really much to say about it apart from that Linda can sprint in 13cm heels and that it was so asdhasjkdhing cold.

SO YES! There's my summary of the last three or so weeks of my life. I hope you all missed me as much as I missed you and I promise I'll blog more often with contact reviews/outfits/dailies now that my holidays are coming up. Have a great night buttercups ♥

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Fern Li said...

You're so pretty! *u*

Awww~ your supre team sounds fun =D
I would be so happy to work there lol my last job, the people i mostly had to work with were so bitchy! D;

The firework/laser gif is awesomeeeee!! *-* !!
I wish Melbourne had something cool like that D: