September 24, 2011


Thrifted sheer maxi skirt, Cotton On belt, button up top from Dotti, bag from Dotti, wallet from Dotti, jewellery from Diva and Lovisa.

Thanks to Sandra for taking all of the photos today! I'm not really in the mood to type up chunks of text today so I'll just do things in dot points.

  • Went to Kerith Brook for brunch
  • Found out they were closed and walked to the Coffee Club instead
  • Experienced the best customer service from a lady who had the shiniest diamond ring
  • Walked around a million streets to find somewhere nice to take photos
  • Finally found a shady place and took some photos before giving up
  • Got lost
  • Found a bus stop next to an old restaurant I used to go to when I was little /nostalgic
  • Went home and rested for a while until we cooled down
  • Exercised for an hour

Sorry for the laziness today guys. Hope all of you are well and I'll promise to put a lot more effort into the next post! Have a good one ♥


stephanie. said...

gorgeous outfit! really love how the roses add a touch of femininity to the pictures :)

Anonymous said...

you are actually so stunning <3 !

Melody said...

You look absolutely gorgeous Sarah!
I really hope you feel better really soon! You're stunning and deserve to be happy all the time <3

Fern Li said...

You're soooooo gorgeous :D and i love your outfit!

I kinda feel like exercising now since you've mentioned it haha!! week.