August 18, 2011

Alice's sweet 16th

Happy 16th Crazymeex/Labelyourlover! ♥

I went out for Alice's 16th birthday yesterday and it was a mix of fun and pain (from Twister). Adrii and I turned up half an hour late because we needed to wrap the parcel for pass the parcel. It looked like a pig so I drew eyes on it. Haerim later adopted it and named it OJ.

After an hour of eating and climbing trees, we all started playing Twister. It was pretty sad because I learned that I can't even hold up my own body weight for more than a few minutes without my arms and legs shaking like crazy askdjhasd. It was so fun because there were so many awkward asses in faces, hands under asses and oh-shit-no-I-refuse-to-get-under-you-to-put-my-leg-over-there's.

After that we opened presents, cut the cake, attempted to get Jun to kiss Alice on the cheek, played pass the parcel and took a billion photos which I'm going to chuck under this sentence.

Chiffon shoulder cut out top: Supre
Bow tie (actually a wire headband): Supre
Chiffon skirt: Supre
Combat boots: London Rebel
Knit top: Dotti
Girl on right: Trash can (LOVE YOU AIJIA)

We all eventually left Southbank to go karaoke at The Queen. It was a little bit weird because we had to split into two groups so that everybody could get a turn and sing.

Half the people left after karaoke (including the birthday girl) and the rest of us all went to play pool since we didn't wanna go home yet. I actually managed to win a game and Melisa found the courage to battle Ben and William in a fight to sink the 8 ball which took almost 15 minutes. We all finished up with Maccas and bleh, worst meal ever. Khang had to rip everything into tiny little bits for me because my teeth were hurting from my braces being tightened :( Okay, one more photo and then I'll end the post.

Hope everyone's having a great week! ♥


Ice Pandora said...

Happy birthday to the birthdaygirl ^___^ what a nice party and wow so many people gathered around!
I think everyone is looking cute and happy :)


Fern Li said...

so cute how your bf ripped up your maccas into tiny pieces! xD
i hated getting my braces tighted, but at the same time i like the fact it felt like the braces were doing something lol!

love you outfit!! :D

so many people!! @@

aileenzhang said...
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Melody said...

PHOTOS LOOK AMAZING AS USUALLLLL :DD ! And ahhhh, your outfit is gorgeous <3 I am very tempted to go buy that same shirt ..but I shall resist temptation to spend even more money than I have already ;A;

Twister is such an intimate and sexual game lololol

Kel said...

Looks like such a sweet and fun affair! Everyone's so happy and vibrant it makes for wonderful photos!

Lots of love from Sydney,

x Kel

cherry ripe time

Anonymous said...

all asian! i wish i had asian friends :(

Vanessa Lu said...

cute pics, love em!