May 4, 2011


Here's a list of things of what I learnt today while working on my first shift at Supre

1. I have a tendency to get nervous and yell at customers when I ask how they are
2. Most people don't reply when I ask them how they are
3. If people do reply they usually ask 'how about you'
4. I forget to reply to them a lot of the time
5. I must wear jeggings until the end of Winter askdjhasdk

So yeah.. I had a pretty good first time at work. For anyone interested, the three hours I spent there were mostly put into saying 'hi, how are you' a million times and constantly having 10 pieces of clothing on my arms trying to figure where they were meant to go. There was this crazy gorgeous girl who was doing a trial run in the middle of my shift and damn, she was amazing. Not only was she able to actually have proper conversations with customers (unlike me), she also made a sale 5 minutes into her trial. I'm jealous :(

Anyway.. in other news exciting news, my art class did life drawing with a nude model and my eng report, which is due on Friday has hit an amazing 30 word mark /applause.

Oh wow this is the first proper post I've written which doesn't have any photos. I don't feel complete. Here, have some photos of Jordan Witzigreuter (aka my new celebrity crush) from The Ready Set.

Ps/ Remember that Alice, Sandra and I will be selling at Suitcase Rummage this coming Sunday so please say hello if you see any of us! We'd love to meet more of our readers :) Have a wonderful night!


Fern Li said...

I don't like talking to customers, I get so nervy :( and then feel like crying if they get angry when iim too shy or something.. T-T
This is why I'm going to end up as those sad lonely cleaners that clean tables and stuff in shopping centers.

which is okay coz i love cleaning!! :D


That girl seems like she has so much confidence in herself :D i wish i as like that ;A;

Melody said...

Bet you look hot as in jeggings though babeee ;D and ahhhh. I find it hard to talk to people who I don't know too :| mmmm