May 25, 2010

We're so different.
We're hot and cold.
Fire and water.
I'm loud, you're quiet.
I talk, you listen.
I'm crazy, you're sane; but that's why this works.
You fill in my missing pieces and I complete you.
And I guess that's why, despite the questions and the challenges.
I still believe in us and I still believe in this.
And as long as we have each other, I think we'll be alright.

Ahh.. just some not-too-important things in today's post. Don't really have much to talk about I guess.

My like for nail polish has been growing over the past few months as proven by this. Ulta3 is love because it works (to some extent) and it only$2! :D

I tried out a strawberry design today. My regrets of not using a darker pink :(

I didn't even bother trying to paint my right hand. I'm sure most of you know the pain of painting with your left hand (U).

I was going to post something else but now I forgot.. :\ Oh well. Before I say bye for tonight; no matter who you are, know that someone is looking out for you. So, just for that person, make sure you always smile and they'll smile right back at you. Goodnight.

Ps. Fancy gems are on of the best things in the world.


Anonymous said...

how do you paint your nails like that ?
do you use anything else apart from the nail polish and the brush it comes with ?

solbi said...

how many layers do you usually do with ulta3 ?

Sarah said...

Just paint it layer by layer. I also use toothpicks. I used to have a fine point nail polish brush but lost it somewhere :\

Just two.

danika said...

Where did you buy those nailpolishes? :O

Sarah said...

Terry White Chemist :D

Anonymous said...

Sarah where do you get your nail design ideas from? They're reallllly pretty. You should do a post on how you actually paint them. Cuz it looks sooo hard to do and yours look so neat.

Sarah said...

Aww, thank you :$ I get my ideas from other places I've seen or from brainstorming with my friend Evelyn. I would love to do a post but it's really quite simple to paint nails and with the neatness, toothpicks help a lot :)

Anonymous said...

sarah blog :(

Sarah said...

New post up at 12.03 hopefully :)