May 19, 2010

I found these and they reminded me of some people. If you don't think it looks very similar, ignore the blonde hair. If you still think it doesn't look very similar get out :(

^ I swear to god that looks so much like Linda.

^ That doll doesn't look like the photo of Ming but I think it's pretty similar to how she looks irl :)


Anonymous said...

The first one is more similar to the one of you and Alice at Buddha Fest! Wow, I'm a stalker D:

Sarah said...

Oooh. Really? I don't know which photo you're talking about :L

danika said...

Kay, won't let me comment on the other blog post D; WELLLL, ya know I suck at that game too HAHAA.

Sarah said...

Oh my bad I need to fix the layout D: and dude it's such a bitch. I was so excited when I won.