May 10, 2010

My mum found an old disk this afternoon which was labeled "Album - Sarah" while looking for another disk so she gave it to me. I put it into the computer and found a bunch of photos from year 4 and 5. If anyone was wondering what the disk my mum was actually looking for was, it was the disk for reformatting for her laptop. She got a virus which stuffs her laptop up and puts porn short cuts on the desktop. Yum.

Jessie Phan | Sarah Truong | Ricky Phan

Sarah Truong | Melisa Chang
This bitch used to tower over me. WHO'S ALMOST A HEAD TALLER NOW EHHH!? >:]

Sarah Truong | Jenny Truong

You wish your primary school was hot like mine.

Sarah Truong | Jenna Truong.
Check out the kid in the back with the water thingo.

Guess who that sexy beast is.


danika said...


Sarah said...

yep LOL

Anonymous said...

woah, you looked american o.o

Sarah said...