September 16, 2015

Photo & caption update LXI

My hair is temporarily pink/purple!

Okay, so I lied and this post is a few days post weekend. After a fortnight of coughing my lungs out and recovering throughout last week, I somehow managed to get sick again ugh. Pretty safe to say that my immune system hates me :) 

 The regrowth is strong. 

 Groupie love HAHAHA.

Bumped into Aileen for the first time since my birthday and had a good catch up with her and her organic brownie.  

Carolina's Kitchen for lunch!

I was having a rough morning at work so Simon surprised me with roses and lunch #udidgud

Matcha mousse cake from Cha Tea. 

Lunch dates with my centre buddy!! 

Flavoured egg rolls and milk tea from Mobi. 

Went to Cafe in Tokyo for the first time with Alice and fell in love!! They do Japanese food and brunch. I had an eggs benedict with Karaage :')

Dinner dates with Dalice.


Went to wingBlaster for dinner for some marketing group bonding time.

Spontaneous park lunch with some Red Rooster.

Burger Urge during uni breaks with Hayley.

MA BABY. Meet Marco! 

Oh man, I've been having a love affair with Seoul Bistro recently.

What my lunches look like on my breaks from Kiehl's hehe. 

Cream doughnut to ease the hangry feelings.

Alice and I went to the Estee Corporate Event and had the best hour of our life. 

Creme brulee from Sweet Treat. 

HOW CUTE RIGHT!? I was so close to buying it from Dissh (didn't even know they sold cacti) until they told me it was $35 :( 

BSA event pre before Wonderland.

Post Father's Day BBQ results.

Fresh brows from Get Threaded!

Skirt from boutique in Melbourne, top from Temt, jacket from BooHoo.

I hope you're all well and having a fantastic week! Talk soon, S. 

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