February 18, 2015

Photo & caption update LIV

Where is my Summer going!? Only a few more days and I'll be back at uni (and hopefully a new job, fingers crossed). As always I'm super sorry for the lack of posts. I've got about five drafts lined up which I keep forgetting to go through that I promiiiise will be up before the end of next week so that everything is up to date and we can start March feeling nice and fresh! In the meantime, here's a splash of photos to keep the page looking a bit more lively. Hope everybody has had a fantastic week so far! 

Love 3 for $5 protein balls from Boost. 

10/10 Japanese food from Amimoto on Surfers Paradise. Arguably the best teriyaki chicken I've had in my life! 

Was so close to licking the plate clean. 

Lunch at Bella Donna while visiting Grace at the Coast. 

Half price 200g rumps make srh a very happy girl. 

Waking up early enough to have Maccas for breakfast hehehe. 

Time Keeper by KIT and Fly High from Bare Minerals.

Brunch at Ave Cucina 

Worst effort from yours personally :( 

Shoes from The Iconic, shorts from Ally, bag from Prada, top from Glassons, cardigan from Cotton On. 

Long time no chicken carbonara from Vapiano. 

BYO skincare routines while sleeping over. 

Early lunches from Cafe Les Amoureux.

Outfit photos with Sandra in front of Hoo Ha Bar.

Always, everywhere HAHAHAHA. 

Had my first teppanyaki experience at KooKoo! 

Copenhagen for dessert. 

Brunch at Tazza with Aileen and Sandra! aka. birth place of #thesunflowersisters and the new ritual of ordering an extra dish to share. 

Had peanut butter and jelly for the first time ever!


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