February 5, 2015

Liese/Prettia Bubble hair dye: milk tea brown

I just went through my archives and I literally haven't done one of these posts in a good year and a half whaaaat? You guys probably don't know this but the most popular post on srhtrng is actually my original review on this exact box of dye which I uploaded at the end of 2011 [click here if you feel like checking it out]. Looking back on it now, 16 year old me did a 2/10 job so in an attempt to redeem myself I thought that I'd remake the post!

I don't usually make mention of particular sellers I buy these boxes from on eBay but I thought I'd do it this time just because this seller made the extra effort to make sure that my box arrived undamaged with some adorable extra trinkets included. I originally bought it off THIS listing because the estimated arrival date was a lot sooner than other listings but it ended up arriving about 10 days after.

I have this weird thing about eBay sellers sending candy overseas so I just threw it out but I thought the extras were a nice surprise anyway.

 Box contents - the pink sachet is a leave in treatment.

 The first few times I used this dye I was an idiot and tried to make out what I was meant to do just by looking at the pictures but eventually I came across this video which explains everything you need to know from the mixing to the actual application.


Once it looks foamy at the top it's time to dispose of the top cap and change it to the squeeze tip.

*was an idiot and forgot that I should not be dying hair on my bed*

If you have extra long or thick hair sometimes there's not enough product to get everything sitting nicely on the top of your head.

After all the product is gone I leave this sitting on my head for about 20-25 minutes! Remember to wipe off any extra dye which is on your skin or else it may stain.

I dyed day-after-hair after I'd just come home to work which is why it looks so nasty and oily by the way HAHA. The dye didn't do a huge amount of change to my whole head since my hair was already quite close to the swatch on the top of the box but it definitely evened out the overall colour by taking it up a few shades and giving it some more warmth. 

Regrowth be gone! You can really see how well it works on darker hair which is why I've kept coming back to it over the years.

Uploaded this so you guys could also see what it did to some of my leftover blonde from my ombre a few months ago. 

After using this product for a number of years I just wanted to let everybody know that the only thing which still upsets me is the smell. I personally find it extremeeeely intense and it gets to the point for me where my eyes will start tearing up. 

Anyway that's the end of my review! I really do love this dye and would highly recommend it. It's super quick to use and it's so easy that I never have a problem dying my entire head by myself. Hope that this post has been a hell of a lot more helpful than what I posted up about 3-4 years ago and if you have any other questions then feel free to had over to my ask.fm! 

Hope everybody has been enjoying their week so far and has an amazing Friday ahead of them :) 

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s.l. said...

wow, these are the best before and after pictures i've seen for this shade and i've been looking for a couple days now! thanks for sharing. it worked out really well on your roots, so i'm excited to try on my hair (it's almost entirely dark brown/black).