November 2, 2014

Things I ate last month

Jason's family invited me to dinner at Blossom Garden and I could cry about the fact that it's not in Brisbane. 

Just a word of advice, I would not continue scrolling down this post if I was hungry. You have all been warned. Due to the complete lack of photo and caption updates, I've accumulated a huge collection of food photos. Rather than letting them be muddled in with everything else I did last month I thought that each dish should be properly appreciated. I also thought that this would be a good idea since I get a lot of questions asking about recommendations to eat!

Katsu dishes at Seoul Bistro. I still haven't decided whether I like Seoul Bistro or not. I love their drinks but their dishes fall just slightly short. It never seems to come out hot and it's a shame because their menu is pretty unique since it's a blend of Korean and Japanese food. 

Bento boxes at Mazri Kitchen. You pay about $13 and can choose a main, two side dishes and two salads. I usually get teriyaki chicken with a piece of takoyaki, karaage chicken, and both types of omelettes on the menu but all of the mains are delicious in my opinion. 

Alice and Jason literally ran away from David and I to buy these from 7/11. I was pretty disappointed :( would much rather spend the money on one of their doughnuts. 

Cookie dough *drools*. I went into the store with Jason whilst dressed exactly like him (refer to the Twitter photo I uploaded a while ago) and then he whispered that he was embarrassed because the ice cream girl giggled at me :( 

Jason got me back into yum cha after sooo long! We usually go to Parkland Resturant at Sunny Park. I'd only recommend going for lunch though since they don't have trolleys at night which makes service pretty crap. 

Nandos for the first time in years. I really love the food there but I feel like it's a bit expensive for what it is. 

Jason and I tried out Fandangles ice cream - I prefer the fairy floss flavour. 

You can't eat her but she's here because I had brunch with her. 

Jason took Sandra and I to Rogue Bar + Bistro FINAAALLY and we were so excited. 

Grumpy about having to wake up too early. 

Blankets to cover up. 

Everything tasted SO GOOD. Jason just got an interpretation of bacon and egg but the bread was so good that I couldn't stop talking about it. Definitely recommend 10/10 need to go back for lunch and dinner. 

Earl grey tea as always. 

Salted caramel pancakes. Originally I thought that the mini pancakes would taste really typical but I was completely blown away. They were light, fluffy and had a crispy exterior. 

New Shanghai dates at least once a week with Alice. I have finally moved on from pan fried dumplings to pan fried pork buns. Jenny brought them home one day when she couldn't finish them and I instantly fell in love. 

One of the work experience girls bough muffins for everybody before her last day awww. 

Waffles from Meet Fresh. Would not recommend - definitely stick to the original desserts on the menu. Mango ice forever! 

Schnitzel night on Wednesdays at Runcorn Tavern. You pay ~$15 for the meal and you also get access to the salad bar which has the best potato bake. The tap water there is also the best thing ever - no joke. 

Tried my first ever acai bowl from Kiss the Berry recently. I got the regular berry bowl and replaced the coconut with apple juice for a total of ~$13. Absolutely demolished this in 15 minutes and can't wait to go back again. 

Typical lunches at work. Terrific Toffee from T2, 2 x lite cruskits, tomato and onion canned chicken, a mandarin and tomato flavoured seaweed. 

Yum cha at Haoke with some frans. Jason and I prefer the one at Sunny Park but Haoke definitely has better service and looks way prettier! 

If you've been reading my blog over the last six months you'd know that I love sweet and sour pork from Vietnamese Corner. Jason and I have actually started moving to another place which is super close - Sunnybank Oriental. Their serving is a lot bigger and it tastes saaah good.

I'm so hungry. Hopefully this post was more interesting than usual because let's be honest, everybody loves good food. I'm now going to go feed myself so I hope that you're all feeling great and good luck to everybody for their exams - you're almost there!! x, s. 

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