November 10, 2014

Photo & caption update XLIX

Hello hello from a very exhausted Srh. I'm currently in the middle of a 12 day break between my finals so I thought that I'd post something for you guys! I've got a fair bit of content prepared for the holidays so I'm pretty excited to put all of that together. I don't have much to say in this intro so I'll leave it here to keep it short and sweet.


 Had no idea that ASOS changed the packaging for their jewellery!

Who doesn't love coming home to this?

Alice's late birthday gift to me!!! THANK YOU SWAGLICE.


Subscribed to Lust Have It after they were having a $7.50 special - it's basically like glambox/bella box etc. where they send you a bunch of new items to try out. I've now actually unsubscribed from the service just because :).

 Went to uni early in the morning and was almost late to class because I stood for 15 minutes just watching this super chill kookaburra watching people walk by right next to it.

 Used live bait for the first time while fishing and got so upset. I was an idiot and made the mistake of naming them :(

 Sunsets on the way back to Brisbane from the Gold Coast.

 Bag from Reebonz, dress from Ally.

 Second Lust Have It box - was pretty disappointed with this box. The only thing I'm really loving is the moisturiser in the middle.

 Morning pouts.

 Before and after seeing my fantastic brow lady at Get Threaded.

 Top from The Iconic.

Cha tea chills with ma favs.

I know this post was a little bit chill and kinda boring but I'll be putting up a makeup haul post tomorrow to make up for it! It'll be the first of few (hopefully) so we'll see how everything goes. In the mean time I hope everybody is feeling happy and well rested. x, s. 

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