August 1, 2014

Surprise weekend away

So, apparently Jason has a little bit of a romantic space in that stony little heart of his :P I'd known for almost a month that we were going away for the weekend immediately after my birthday but for the first time in our relationship Jason offered to take all of the planning responsibilities. Naturally I was a little bit nervous because I'm the type of person to book reservations a fortnight in advance and Jason is more of an on-the-day type of person but ooooh man, I was so surprised and loved every single bit of my weekend. 

Started off the morning with McDonalds and a 1.5 hour drive.
Tada! Arrived at Coolum Beach. I'd actually never heard of Coolum and from memory I don't recall ever going to the Sunshine Coast so it was a really nice change compared to the usual Gold Coast trips. 

Spotting fish and crabs in rock pools before checking into the apartment. 
If you look really close you can see that Jason drew a penis in the middle of my R... 
Time to check in!
Carrying on our tradition of buying Krispy Kreme whenever we travel. Side note but have you guys seen that they have a new butterscotch doughnut!?!? Want. Need.
Dinner at The Grill Bar. I only paid $22 for pork ribs and went home with left overs PLUS a very happy belly.
The view from our floor ground apartment! The pools were heated but I didn't have the chance to swim around because I couldn't bring myself to stumble out in the cold at midnight. Seriously regretting that decision while I type. 
I think one of my favourite things about the place Jason booked was that it was H U G E. There was a ridiculous amount of space and we even had our own mini back yard since we were on the ground level.
The big green sofa is a fold out sofa bed!
Fully furbished kitchen with everything you could ever need.

Totally forgot to take a photo of the bedroom before I jumped into it and messed up all of the sheets soz.
Stopped off at Sunshine Coast on the way back home to Brisbane. 

I'd definitely recommend Coolum Seaside to anybody! The reception staff are A+ and the Coolum area is super chill. Just don't bother staying for more than a night because there wasn't much to do around the area apart from the beach and a few resturants. Thank you so, so much to Jason for planning such a lovely weekend for me. 

Next post up is Underwater World! Cannot wait to show you guys photos of the gigantic fish we saw. I hope you've all been well and TGIF x,s. 

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