January 7, 2013


Hi lovelies! Last night I went to have dinner at The Jetty Oxford with Adrii, Aileen, Brendon, Khang and Jason. I was so bothered because we were meant to get a table with the most gorgeous view of the river during sunset but they messed up the reservation and ended up seating two other people there instead. We ordered the chicken quesadilla w/ spiced avocado & sour cream; pizza w/ pancetta, pesto, kalamata olives & buffalo mozzarella; potato gnocchi w/ basil pesto, heirloom tomatoes & buffalo mozzarella and grilled eye fillet w/ potato fondant, wild mushrooms, double smoked bacon & veal glaze. I only got a photo of the pizza because the wait made us so hungry that I couldn't wait!

Forgot to say that I went to karaoke with Adrii and Khang before dinner

After dinner we went for a walk down Oxford Street to eat dessert at Mud Bar. From there, we ordered Death Row, Ferrero and Mud's chocolate Pate. Fantastic service as always!

Adrii the cross eyed queen

That's all for today's post so I'll leave it there for now. Hope all of you have had a great start to your week! 

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