October 4, 2012

Here in your arms

Sandra and I planned a trip to the coast in literally two minutes because we both had nothing to do... To be honest it was a huge waste of time since we ended up leaving the beach in less than an hour because there was so much wind that kept blowing piles of sand into our mouths. Nonetheless we managed to squeeze in a couple of photos before lunch and Infinity so here they are for you!

Would've been perfect weather if it wasn't so windy :(

For lunch we ate at a small restaurant that was hidden in a dodgy looking corridor. I ordered sweet and sour pork and despite the look of the area, it was actually the best I've had in my life so far :')

Before we headed back to the city we decided to go to Infinity. For those of you who don't know, it's basically a futuristic maze that uses darkness, light and mirrors to challenge your senses. I AM RIDICULOUSLY SCARED OF THE DARK and if any of you have been reading my blog for a while, you'll know that the first time I went through this with Melisa that we literally ran through half of it with the group in front of us because we're both massive pansies. Going with Sandra was a lot better until we got to a particular room where we were so scared that I had to turn the flashlight on my phone on so we could build up the courage to actually move fml. That room had a tonne of tentacles hanging off the ceiling and gloves poking out from the walls so it felt like something was rubbing you as you walked.

Hope all of you are well!! xoxo.

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Ice Pandora said...

These pictures really makes
me miss the summer...
Mhmm the food looks yummy c: