October 6, 2012

Fright Night

Hello hello! Grace's boyfriend was nice enough to drive all of us to Movie World for Fright Night (doubt you're reading but if you are, thank you). Grace, Alice, Sandra and I got ready at his house and we spent about an hour throwing blood and paint on ourselves. It was ridiculously annoying because security ended up telling us to remove most of it at the gate before we went in even though there were so many people already inside with buckets of makeup on zzz. So yeah, here's some photos of our bloodied up faces before we had to take them off.

I walked around a corner and took two steps back because Sandra walked towards me looking the photo above

I was trying to be fabulous and then I turned into a scarecrow

Alice with her daily face on  

We got there at about 6:30 and it was packed :( The rides all took an hour to line up for and the mazes were about half of that. In the end I got to go on two rides and one maze so I'd say it was a pretty good night considering the ticket was only $30. If any you are going then you MUST go into the mazes. I went into the Walking Dead maze where it's full of zombies and o m f g the group in front of us ended up laughing because Alice, Sandra and I couldn't stop screaming. Definitely the highlight of my night!!

Characters from horror movies would run around in these areas scaring people. Jason from Friday the 13th stomped up to me with a gigantic machete and I backed away so fast that he took two steps and changed directions.

Sighhhh, reading this post makes me so upset because I have school soon :'( Hope all of you are well and that you have a great weekend ♥♥

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