July 13, 2010

I quit on photo challenge (Y). Happy birthday to Mikaela and Vinh! Heh, found a photo of Jessie, Tony and I when we were little. Aren't I chubby :)

Hm, I was going to do a survey and then thought about if anyone would actually read it :s Meh maybe another day.


Anonymous said...

aw sarah you're so cute ^^ and i read your surveys? :) how was first day of school?

vy said...

you didnt say which one you were, but i could recognise you immediately, ahas!

tony looks so funny XD

Sarah said...

.. It was okay I guess.

Yeah ;)

Pee' Tee said...

Are you the one in the red? :D

Sarah said...


Anonymous said...

Hey, please do a survey! And continue with the photo challenge! :D Oh well you don't have to do the photo challenge if you don't want, but DO do a surveyy Sarah (: