October 3, 2016

Photo & caption update LXX

Second post of the month coming through! Here is one of the many catch up photo and caption updates to come. Starting out with my outfit for Ally's and Tro's wedding. My dress is from dollygirlfashion, my clutch is from The Daily Edited and my shoes are Nine West.

How cute is their wedding cake!? 

 Views from Alchemy.

 Makeup of the day - grey lenses and fluttery lashes to top off the usual.

Alice's 21st birthday!

 Top from Seed.

Nonbei for another one of Alice's birthday dinners yummmm! 


 Lunch at Billy Kart Kitchen.

 Typical orders from Mobi Cafe.

 Helped Gres get ready for the Eyeball. Doesn't she look drop dead gorgeous!?



Ben's housewarming!  

 Lunch at PJ's Steaks with Caroline and Alice.

 When you're broke and bae offers to buy you milk tea.

 My fav dish at Ph.

Eyes with the Violet Voss palette and Shwing eyeliner from The Balm.

 Sizzling brownies at Southside Bistro. 

 Ice cream crepe,
Sizzling matcha brownie.

Genkotsu Ramen! 

 Steph's 21st birthday!


 Pre-party snacks.

 Get out of my makeup selfie pls tysm. Eyes are Violet Voss + Lorac Pro and lips are Nars Audacious Liv.

Birthday goodies.

After brunch selfies.

Jam Pantry with Alice, Caroline and Simon!

 Hikes at Lamington Park.

Momo Chicken for dinner yesss.

 Night Noodle Market walks.

 My Pho Bar. 

 Family feel dinners at Glam Wok.

 Shopping trips with Zoo and Gres.

 My amazing room mate I met all the way back from my induction training in Sydney.

 Hello Harry for dinner. 

 Thank you for dinner Jellie!! 

 Mini Glasshouse candles! 

BMT and Healthy Cup for lunch.

 One of my favourite cakes from Bonsai Botanika.

 Lunch at New Shanhai.

 Hello lil sister! 

 She's so cute I seriously can't get over it. 

Thank you for being so patient with me while I get back into the groove of things. I'll be back very soon with a bunch more photos to share with you! Hope you guys are having an amazing weekend, S. 


Anonymous said...

Hi Srh, since you don't have ask.fm anymore, would you be able to answer questions in your comments section instead?

Sarah Truong said...

@ Anonymous
Of course!