January 15, 2016

Travel Diaries - Melbourne: Day 01

Hello hello!! After an incredibly stressful morning I am FINALLY in Melbourne and settled into my airbnb. For some reason I misread our itinerary and didn't realise that we were meant to depart from the international airport until it was too late. We ended up having to wait another three hours for the next available flight and arrived in Melbourne only five hours ago :'( 

Got stopped for some photos by a random photographer for a Brisbane airport magazine.

Slowly ate up our Hungry Jacks to pass the time 

Alice and I both decided to pay for Simon's and David's trips to Melbourne as their belated birthday gifts!

*snoozes off* 

Selfies with the beaut lighting in our airbnb apartment. I'll be uploading photos of it tomorrow!

Went to Purple Peanut Japanese Cafe for our first meal in Melbourne.

Finished off our quick night with a trip to the gigantic H&M store to pick up a few things here and there. 

I can't wait to share with you my adventures tomorrow! We're all taking an early night tonight so hopefully there will be lots to show :) All the best and have a fantastic weekend! S.

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