May 15, 2013

Liese/Prettia Bubble hair dye: chiffon beige

Hi lovelies. I'm currently in the middle of a 2.5 hour break at uni so I thought that I should post something to make this somewhat productive. Today I'll be doing a review of Chiffon Beige from my all time favourite hair dye brand, Liese! Adrii let me use her as a test subject and in case anybody was wondering, her hair has only been dyed once previously using Milk Tea Brown from Liese.




Colour - 
The colouring did change her hair but I don't think it was very similar to the colour chart provided on the box. Her hair is much more orange than it was expected to be. 

Brightening - 
 It's pretty obvious that there was a really strong difference in the colour. Adrii's hair was much more vibrant and I found it made her hair look much shinier. The dye completely lifted her regrowth as well!

Ease of use - 
 As per usual, I absolutely love how easy the foam application is. It provides an even application and makes it so easy for your hair to be dyed.

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