June 9, 2010

The clouds looked really awesome today. As Adrii said, "It's like an ocean in the sky. 8)"

I went to a business excursion at UQ. Was pretty good I guess. We got free food and listened to interesting lectures. I don't really know what to type about this day since it was yesterday and my memory doesn't seem to be working today :L Here are photos to make up for it.

This was the main thing I couldn't get over during the day:

Ahem, continuing on...

At the end of that day, Khang and I went to SLQ to study for our map exams (which I had and pretty much asian failed today.) & there were these really cute mario mountain looking things I decided I wanted a photo with. Khang can't take photos, his hands shake :o

p.s I just saw this and imagined that Justine would wear this to semi-formal.


Yenny said...

hello. i like your blog :D its preety. omg, your so friggen gorgeous in the photos, like always :) i really like your fringe/'bang' (i feel like a pedo now.)

Sarah said...

Aw :$ I'm sure you're twice as gorgeous as me.

XD said...


Pee' Tee said...

Wow, the clouds do look awesome! :D